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Selang  Hosu 100 Meter
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Sell Selang Hosu 100 Meter

This company is free member. For free member, we do not verify telephone number and address, so be careful in doing transaction. The safest way in transaction are:

  • Verify the address firstly
  • Do not send money before receive the order
  • Send money only to the bank account of company (CV or PT)
  • Avoid to send money to private bank account

Specification of Selang Hosu 100 Meter

Agricultural Machinery and Equipment, Plantation and Forestry
Irrigation Hose Hosu Irrigation Hose is an irrigation system designed for uniform water distribution to open plant land such as oil palm, rubber and cocoa seedlings, vegetables, landscaping and lawn grass. this system can also be used for cooling the roof surface during hot weather. Hosu Irrigation Hose is available in 100 meter length.
1. Strong, hole on the hose is made with laser system resistant to heat and rain
.2. Save cost

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